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I aim to teach people how to feel better in their bodies, heal from trauma, and accept God’s overwhelming goodness and grace.  I help my students to acknowledge and correct poor alignment; use the breath to calm the nervous system; and stretch and strengthen the body and mind.  My goal is for each student to find success in their yoga practice, regardless of their skill level, abilities, or age. 

Yoga has strengthened my relationships with God, family, and myself. I began practicing to connect with myself in a positive way and gain balance. I have endured five concussions and traumatic relationships. Although I still occasionally battle with anxiety and depression, I have used yoga to develop good habits to recuperate much faster and have a healthier outlook of life overall.

I am not perfect. Not even close. I am a work in progress. This path Jesus placed me on will take a lifetime to complete, and I choose to approach it one breath at a time.


·   TRAUMA SENSITIVE YOGAFAITH (90-hour Certification) with YogaFaith, June 2019.      

·   YOGA SHRED (15-hour program) with Sadie Nardini, Jan. 2019

·        Y4A: YOGA FOR AMPUTEES (57-hour Certification) with Marsha Therese Danzig, Nov. 2017.

·         ADULT & PEDIATRIC FIRST AID/CPR/AED (6-hour Certification) with American Red Cross, Aug. 2017.

·         HOLY YOGA TOUCH (10-hour Certification) with Holy Yoga, Oct. 2016.

·         HOLY YOGA THERAPY (300-hour Certification) with Holy Yoga, June 2016.

·         SILVERSNEAKERS CLASSIC & YOGA (2, 2-hour Certifications) with Heathways, May 17, 2015.(expired)

·         HOLY YOGALATES (15-hour Certification) with Holy Yoga, Dec. 2014.

·         HIP & LOWER BACK PAIN & DYSFUNCTION TRAINING (8-hour workshop) with Jonnie Goodmanson , Feb. 2014.

·         REGISTERED HOLY YOGA INSTRUCTOR (95-hour Certification) with Holy Yoga, Sept. 2013.

·         REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER (200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification) with Studio Om, January 2012.